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    "Sometimes life turns out hard…Sometimes it just bites right through you. And sometimes, just when you think it’s done its worst, it comes back and takes another chunk."
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    "She knew she could help him best by being silent and by being near."
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    "I am very selfish, really. I lived for love."
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    "The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark."
    Thomas Paine, A Letter Addressed to the Abbe Raynal on the Affairs of North America (via wordsnquotes)

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    "How do you get so empty? Who takes it out of you?"
    Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451  (via discolor3d)

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    i cant believe youre breaking up with me for being “too immature”. i didnt buy us these walkie talkies so we could have conversations like this

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    "Please know that there are much better things in life than being lonely or liked or bitter or mean or self conscious. We are all full of shit. Go love someone just because, I know your heart may be badly bruised, or even the victim of numerous knifings but it will always heal even if you don’t want it to, it keeps going. There are the most fantastic, beautiful things and people out there, I promise. It’s up to you to find them."
    Chuck Palahniuk (via thinksquad)

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    "All human beings search for either reasons to be good, or excuses to be bad."
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    "I have this strange feeling that I’m not myself anymore. It’s hard to put into words, but I guess it’s like I was fast asleep, and someone came, disassembled me, and hurriedly put me back together again. That sort of feeling."
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    "Holding anger is a poison…It eats you from inside…We think that by hating someone we hurt them…But hatred is a curved blade…and the harm we do to others…we also do to ourselves."
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    "If anybody could have saved me it would have been you."
    Virginia Woolf, excerpt from her suicide letter to her husband (via larmoyante)
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    "When you provoke extreme emotions from a person, they’re not quite themselves at that point, or perhaps, they’re purely themselves."
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